1. Paid Vacation: Up to 3 weeks, depending upon length of service
  2. Paid Sick Days: 6 days per year with accrual up to 60 days
  3. Group Health Insurance: Employees pay for 25% of total premium for self and/or their family; company pays for the remaining 75% of the premium
  4. Group Dental Insurance: A multi-tiered plan is available with all premiums paid by the employee
  5. Group Vision Insurance: Optional plan available with all premiums paid by employee.
  6. Wellness ProgramEach employee that meets the requirements during the plan year will get a 25% reduction of the employee portion of health insurance premium
  7. Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Spending Account): The plan allows pretax dollar payments for out of pocket medical, dental and childcare expenses. The plan also allows the employee portion of the health insurance and dental insurance premiums to be withdrawn pre-tax through payroll deduction
  8. Health Reimbursement Account: Allows the company to pay a portion of the employee’s health insurance deductible / co-insurance expenses on qualified claims
  9. Life Insurance: Policy for the employee with a rider for family members
  10. Long Term Disability Insurance
  11. 401 (k) Profit Sharing Plan
  12. Employee Assistance Program: Offers free services for family members
  13. Legal/ID Theft Services: The services are optional and paid 100% by employee through payroll deductions
  14. Reward Programs:
    1. Attendance Award
    2. Safe Driving Award
    3. Newsletter / Journal Article Awards