Alan K. Shamrock, TBE

Alan K. Shamrock, TBE

Dallas Sales Manager

Balancing his duties as design draftsman for an MEP engineering firm and Squadron Leader for the Ohio National Guard early in his career helped cultivate Alan’s highly organized work methods and strong leadership skills. After joining Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. in 1980, he further developed those skills to advance from field technician to project manager where he supervised testing and balancing for large-scale corporate headquarters, semi-conductor manufacturing facilities and airlines reservations centers.

Alan headed up Dallas field operations from 1997 until 2014, with responsibility for coordinating project start dates, deploying field teams and verifying all Dallas office project schedules stay on track. He is committed to assuring our in-house testing practices remain updated to reflect changing technology; testing procedures are methodically recorded; and all technicians are thoroughly trained to assure consistent application throughout all branch offices. To that end, he co-wrote the Heat Transfer Capacity Testing chapter of the firm’s Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Procedures Manual 2007.

Certified by the Associated Air Balance Council as a TBE, Alan is a member of ASHRAE.